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Interest rates are near historic lows, making mortgages more affordable than ever before. 


Many people are discovering that their mortgage payment could be less than rent on a town home or house. 


Owning a home can mean financial security, as you build up equity in your home. 


However, before you start shopping for a home, your first step should be securing a pre-approved mortgage. 


Mortgage Medics can usually get you approved in 24 hours or less, and can guarantee your low rate for up to 90 days.


Preapproval Mortgage Canada










Mortgage Pre Approval

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Having a pre-approved mortgage has other advantages as a house hunter.  Sellers prefer firm offers to offers based on conditional financing. 

You can also act quickly to make an offer on any hot new listings, since you have been pre-approved.  Knowing how much you can afford will also let you shop with confidence and narrow down your search for your dream home.

Mortgage Medics has access to hundreds of lending products and can shop your mortgage over many lenders – not just the banks. 

By understanding your needs and situation, your Mortgage Medic can find you the best rates and best terms for you – often saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage. 

Preapproval Mortgage Ontario CanadaThe guidance and expertise of our mortgage experts costs you nothing – since we are paid a fee by the lender you chose. 

Mortgage Medics even make house calls and offer better service than the banks. 

So before you start shopping for a home, call Mortgage Medics for a confidential assessment and mortgage pre-approval. 


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